Because it's autumn season! Yaaaa~y! You know what that means... spaguetti (with bolognese sauce), chinesse noddles and, of course, tights and high ankle boots. 

The military style that Zara, H&M and other mainstream fabric companies was bringing us has evolved to a black leather, femme fatale woman. And the ankle boots are basic in all our winter daily outfits. They just fit with whatever dress / skirt / jeans you have and will make you look absolutely gorgeous.

But let's just skip all this stuff to the action.

You can try to buy normal ankle boots like these ones. For the military / I don't care a damn about my apearance / I just want to go  confortable to my dregree classes . they look nice. You have them reaaaaally cheap in H&M

This ones are from H&M  just for 29,99 € in black, dark brown and red. 

Or this ones, really cool artifical snake-skin boots for only 39.95€ in H&M

This ones are from Zara. They are quite expensive (because now Zara has changed to a new kind of store. The  "we say we have the best quality and our leather products and shoes are almost authentic but we still don't know how to make good-looking patterns" kind. 

These are 69.95 € // 89.95 € // 65.95 € ankle boots. You can see that they just cling to the "cowboy" style like they tried with the bell trousers... Larges toes, studs and more of the military style decorate this confortable (really?) boots. 

Did I said that black was the colour of the autumn and winter? Cause you can choose too the roasted type of shoes that Zara proposes here: 

This ones are only  65.95 € and 59.95 €... I hope they last soooo loong... 

And in the last case you can try to buy them from ebay! If you are persistent, you can find really good stuff from the UK for cheap prices. The next time I will write a post about High Ankle Boots. They are quite amazing and my absolutely everyday. 

This ones are for 29.95 €.... 

And now, to inspire you, here are amazing outfits from some bloggers using ankle boots. 
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